Turn Your Awesome Mom Status Into Supermom Status Without The Burnout

Mama, you're a rockstar and we see you πŸ«ΆπŸ»

We know you're doing all the things all day long with a smile on your face and unconditional love in your heart. We also know sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the chaos and unpredictability of mom life. 

What if we told you there was a simple way to take back total control over your mental, physical, and emotional well being regardless of what the day brings up... πŸ€”

And with this control you were able to not only re- fall in love with mother hood, but also feel the best you've ever felt, long term? 

If you're anything like us and the hundreds of moms we've helped in person; we desire change, because we feel like we aren’t being the best moms we know we can be. 

At the same time, it can feel challenging to do anything for ourselves. It can feel like we have no time, too little energy, and to be honest.. we may feel a bit guilty even thinking about it πŸ™ˆ

You're not alone. More importantly, it doesn't have to be this way.

The fact that you're here and seeking change.. puts you on the right path! You're journey is starting now, because you're one of the few moms who are ready to actually do something about it-so high five βœ‹πŸ»

 This Is For You If...

🌺 You're a mom with kids who still live at home, any age from newborn to adulthood.

🌺 You dream about having more time to allow you to actually do the things you wanna do.

🌺 You do a pretty damn good job taking care of your family, but often neglect yourself.

🌺 You want and crave more energy throughout your day.

🌺 You feel like your health, purpose, and identity have been put on hold until your kids "get a little older" or move out.

🌺 You feel like in order for things to run smoothly in your house you are the only one who can do them. 

🌺 You're looking for mentorship and expert long term strategies to help you gain control of your mental, physical and emotional well being.

🌺 You enjoy taking care of your mind and body, but the term "self care" makes you feel like it's just another added chore or task to work into your day.

Mama Life Should Feel Like...

βœ… Exactly what you design and want it feel like!

βœ… WHOLENESS in every aspect of your role as a mom, wife [if relevant], and individual woman.

βœ… A blessing to lead by example through your own mastery of mental, physical and emotional health your kids get to see and replicate themselves

βœ… An opportunity to create a life filled with growth, curiosity, balance, unconditional love, and control over how you problem solve, overcome obstacles and live with purpose.

We're talking total control of your wild life which equals total freedom.

Total freedom allows you to re invent your identity, find and live with purpose, reclaim your health, feel the best you've ever felt, without compromising your family.

Yup, you get to do this all while still being the amazing, loving and fun mom that you are.

And that's what makes you incredible and that's why we want to help you so you can do this for yourself long term!

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, you just haven't had the right strategies in place ..... yet πŸ˜‰

 Mama Life Shouldn't Feel Like..  

 βŒ Frustration that you bottle in and push through with a smile

❌ Overwhelm with a never ending to do list

❌ There is not enough time in the day or in your schedule for your own health and passions.

❌ Your identity has been lost or molded only into motherhood

❌ A series of obstacles and challenges that keep you exhausted

❌ Anything less than what you thought and wish it would be

You Give Day in and Day Out

This is one of the most amazing things you can do for your family, but..

If you struggle to maintain your energy and must drink a few cups of coffee or energy drinks just to stay afloat, you're running on 2% battery. Similar to your cell, things in your mind, your body and your emotions may start glitching causing uncontrolled outbursts, low energy, brain fog and body pain, especially over time.

YOU need to be recharged...Period!

Most of us know we need to recharge, but something always seems to get in the way, doesn't it? This might be time, energy, needing more help but not sure how to ask, or maybe you're just not sure where to start..

Here's the thing..

You don’t need a rigid predictable schedule with an hour of *insert routine here* every morning in order to change your life 

In fact, mom life doesn't allow it, and that's what makes us so unique and amazing. Plus, we totally get how frustrating it can be when you have goals you want to meet!

That's why we put together the unofficial, first ever mama life manual and are giving you a chapter each month to master the strategies around within the Mama Bear Collective. 

Nobody fully understands what you go though on a day to day basis so it can possibly leave you feeling misunderstood or unrecognized for the work you are doing.

 Mom life shouldn't be about living up to certain expectations others have for you. What should matter is what your expectations are to match the kind of mom you want to be not how you should be.

πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hey Mama!

We're Ash [mom of 2] and Carissa [mom of 4]; best friends, busy moms and business owners ourselves.

Oh, and we're also experts at marrying your purpose, health and needs without compromising your family, allowing you to be the absolute best mom you can be. No sacrifice, no waiting, and no this isn't a joke!

 We help you put yourself back in the driver seat of your life. 

Ash is a Holistic Trainer and Carissa is an Inner Mind Strategist and we view mom life through a different lens.

A lens that looks at our busy lives with curiosity and a series of obstacles that get to be solved.

We're going to teach you how to look through this lens on a daily basis!

We also believe there is no one size fits all solution, because you're as unique as a thumb print.

❌ What works for her, probably won't work for you.

❌ What she likes, you probably don't.

❌ Her schedule is probably nothing like yours.

❌ The way her kids react, is probably completely different from the way yours do.

You get the picture. 

We know how to help you:

🌼 Create on demand energy

🌼 Live your purpose

🌼 React to every situation with control and logic

🌼 De-stress in the middle of a yelling contest

🌼 Feel recharged in a short amount of time

🌼 Love the woman starring back at you in the mirror

🌼 Find time you didn't know existed in your crazy schedule

🌼 Ditch the overwhelm and never ending mental to do list 

🌼 Live with confidence and self worth

🌼 Live with less pain in BOTH your body and mind

🌼 Set and maintain boundaries 

🌼 Keep up with and relate to your kids mentally, physically and emotionally 

🌼 Re fall in love with Momlife as a whole

🌼 Problem solve and take control of the unpredictability of motherhood


Because we’re in it, we live it and we’ve mastered it in a fun, simple and lasting way.

It all boils down to 3 key ingredients:

βœ”οΈ your HEALTH

βœ”οΈ your KNOWLEDGE

βœ”οΈ your SKILLS

This is our recipe to keep you in the driver seat of your life long term while living with real raw happiness mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our methods allow for busy moms; such as yourself..to not only tackle life with more confidence, ease, positivity and control

But actually LIVE a life with the unconditional love of motherhood AND yourself in a way that never expires.

 βœ¨Our mission and life’s purpose...✨

Is to help you help yourself master your mind, body and emotions so you can be the best mom you can be! We help you dominate the unspoken challenges of mom life so you can feel in control of your life allowing you to reclaim the freedom, happiness, confidence, and identity you may have lost along the way.  YOUR needs and overall health are no longer put on hold, but neither is compromising your kids or family to make it happen.

Plus we're all about excitement and laughter, because if you can't enjoy the process.. what's the point? 

About Ash

 Ashley Higbee [commonly known as Ash, The Energizer Bunny] is a Holistic Trainer, Mama of 2 boys, and loving wife, who truly believes laughter and movement are the best medicine.

Combining her background in pain relief, functional movement, behavior change, foot health, deep core and breathing patterns, barefoot body weight training, gymnastics, physical therapy, nervous system regulation, active mobility, joint strength and neurosensory stimulation with a deep knowledge of the brain to body connection and habit formation, Ash isn’t quite like any other fitness professional, trainer, yoga instructor or movement specialist you’ve ever experienced before.

Through her 20 years of knowledge acquired, research, education, certifications, trainings, experiences and lots of trial and error through practical application; she cracked the code of taking ownership of your own health wide open while being a mom.

She and her BFF Carissa have created a system and way of helping moms not only gain control over their lives long term [mental, physical, emotional], but re-fall in love with motherhood as a whole.

She is known for her quirkiness and upbeat attitude, out of the box methodologies, tactics, techniques, teachings, and the love and laughter she pours into everyone she has the pleasure of working with. 

She has been through it all: years of no sleep [and counting πŸ€­], 4 years of breast feeding, rough and amazing pregnancies, rough and amazing births, single parenting for months while her husband traveled for work, while starting and running a successful business full time along with the responsibilities of raising 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, house maintenance being a stay at home mom, and a loving present wife. 

She doesn’t just teach her work; she lives, breathes and embodies it on a daily basis.

Her mission:

To transform the lives of moms world wide by putting them back in control of theirs in an easy, entertaining, lasting way that fits with THEIR individual lifestyle, preferences and situation. 

She also believes nobody should live with chronic pain. Nobody should be living a life they aren't extremely proud of, and health shouldn't be "scheduled" in, it should be part of your life as an identity.

About Carissa

Carissa Monet Moreno, is an NLP master practitioner, inner mind strategist, Mama of 4 [including twins!], entrepreneur and wife who believes every mom should be in 100% control of their life. She also believes a day spent on your emotions and mental health is never a day wasted. 

You may have caught her on NBC or seen her speaking at multiple colleges and universities as she teaches others the power of their own minds. 

Carissa has worked with brands such as McDonald's, Clorox, Primerica and the Boys and Girls Club of America!

With her 15 years experience and background in child development, nutrition, behavioral analysis, psychology, the repatterning of neuroplasticity, the art of movement and dance, hypnosis, life coaching, time dynamics, and an obsession with neurolinguistic programming she is unlike any other “mindset” coach out there.

In fact, quite the opposite as she teaches, empowers, trains and transforms the lives of every mom, client and human that crosses her path. 

She has used her skills as a certified trainer of neuro-linguistic programming [NLP] to help moms and families quit smoking, recover from the brink of divorce, alleviate anxiety and eliminate toxic relationships..AMONGST SO MUCH MORE! 

She's also helped moms regain their quality of life, improve their optimal health and even overcome food allergies.

She helps moms get their lives back so they can make an impact, enjoy their families and find the freedom to have it all.

Her famous saying is, “Not if, but when those "thoughts" come up on your journey to gaining back full control over your life, you'll have me to help you clear them out.”

 Her mission is to help moms have the family life they want by becoming the best mom ever without stress, anxiety and ongoing pressure to fulfill all of their family needs.

πŸͺ„The Material:

Mama Life Manual: As you learn and take action on a new chapter of our mom life manual each month, you will come out of it with transformation, strategies, knowledge and skill sets to master that topic, indefinitely. Each month’s chapter [which we call Bare Necessities] rotates around overcoming and taking control of a challenging mom life obstacle through mind, body and emotional regulation.

Self Mastery From The Inside Out: Everything you thought you knew around health as a whole may not be true. Same goes for mom life. The way things feel and are going for you right now are the sum of your habits, or the sum of the things you do or don’t do on the daily to invest in yourself. We get to the root of each month’s topic to teach you how to build new habits that stick without feeling like a chore. YOU are in the driver seat, we are here to guide, support, and teach with action.

Full Control Over Your Life. Carissa and Ash are HUGE advocates of helping moms help themselves. They teach you how to incorporate certain strategies, methods, tactics, and techniques, so that you can take full control by molding them to your own preferences, current situation, schedule and lifestyle. They aren’t with you 24 hours per day, so it’s important to them that you don't rely on them- after all this would put you out of control and totally against their mission and purpose to put you in the driver seat of your life.

How to Stick To A Plan Long Term: Carissa and Ash have created freedom through control around every aspect of their busy lives while helping their clients over the past decade+ do the same. However, this didn't happen overnight, hence the beauty and necessity of The Mama Bear Collective. They wrote the unofficial mama life manual and are giving you a chapter to master each month with a way to plug and play it into your life. It’s customizable, malleable and is made to work WITH the unpredictability and schedule of a busy mom.

Slow IS fast, and much faster than you think. When you focus on the right things with the right strategies; motivation and will power are no longer a thing that need to be relied on for long term change. 

* Side Note.* Whether You're a full time working single mom with 4 kids, a mom with 8 kids and married, or a stay at home mom with 1 child --This Can and Will Still Help You: Whether you’re stuck with the overwhelm of doing nothing  or already have some established habits in place, The Mama Bear Collective can support you in taking control over your mental, physical and emotional health month after month. Get ready to truly love waking up every single day knowing first hand you can and will be able to tackle the day regardless of what comes up. This is because you'll be building and maintaining the habits of self mastery, self regulation and sense of purpose; daily. 

We teach you the skills to create lasting change that not only positively impact yourself, but sends a positive ripple effect  to every member of your family as well. 


πŸ’ƒπŸ» Zoom Inside The Membership: 

 AHHH, welcome to the tribe and being apart of something so incredibly special, transformative, and everlasting in your beautiful chaotic Mom life-- The Mama Bear Collective! 

Here’s what to expect once you’re inside: 

⭐️ On the 1st of each month:

 You get a new chapter of our Mama Life Manual which is broken down into 3 strategies that we call the Bare Necessities. These strategies will have the most impact when it comes to creating change around that chapter's topic. Since we deliver it with our 3 part system, it will help you create lasting change as you build new subconscious habits. This is because you are progressively building the strategies with a customized plan that fits your schedule focusing on the knowledge, health and skills around it. 

 β­οΈ On Demand Access: 

You will receive instant access to the membership portal as well as our app for on demand, on the go, access once you enroll. 

 β­οΈ Endless Growing Mama Life Manual:

As long as you stay a member, your mom life manual will grow chapter by chapter each month, indefinitely. You will build mind, body and emotional intelligence. You will develop resilience that creates growth not only in yourself and the way you parent, but also in your kids and your family.  As you develop these habits you won't recognize yourself, it's almost like magic as you create this new 2.0 version of you; a new identity that you live and breathe.

🀭 Laughing more than yelling.

πŸ€” Problem solving more than stressing. 

✊🏻Ownership more than blaming.

πŸ’ƒπŸ» Energized more than depleted. 

😍 Confidence more than comparison.

🦸🏻‍♀️ Self mastery more than reliance

πŸ«€Moving more than sitting in pain

⭐️ Live Support, Q + A and Weekly Accountability

You have the ability to join the monthly Deep Dive LIVES with Ash and Carissa as they navigate a little further into that month's "bare necessities" topic with a Q+ A session and of course..a lot of laughs. You can also ask questions within the Membership hub, and we will help keep you accountable for your monthly strategies, each week! 

 βœ¨ All trainings have been recorded for you each month, and as long as you stay a member, you’ll have lifetime access + unlimited replays to EVERYTHING within the Mama Bear Collective hub; including all bonuses!

✨ Ash and Carissa co-teach each month's bare necessities or chapter of the mama manual, but also independently, to cover all the topics in a way that highlight their expertise, teaching methods, strategies, strengths and experience. 

🫢🏻 Did Someone Say Bonuses?

 The Mama Bear Collective... 

 πŸ€© BONUSES πŸ€©

🐻 Brain Fitness: 

Carissa creates processes that speak to your brain on a deeper level to strengthen and gain control around your belief system, self worth, confidence and ability to tackle each month’s strategies! This is your "neurogym" or where you go to give you brain incredible nourishing exercise putting you back in control of your choices, your habits and your ability to create massive change in how you do things.

🐻 Move and Learn: 

Ash creates quick and effective movement classes so you can learn how to gain control in and over your body. This will help you comfortably get in/out of as well as smoothly move through the positions your kids or life pulls your through. As you move with purpose and intension you'll bring massive awareness to your own movement patterns. This will help you decease chronic pain, open up space, while building strength using only your body.

🐻 2-3 minute "thing:" 

This "thing" will immediately give you massive control over your mood and allow you to change it on demand. It'll also boost your energy, improve circulation, work your entire body, make you laugh, decrease stress, strengthen your heart, and studies now show this "thing" can help rewire your brain by improving it's function according to the Journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. And bonus, it's even better with your kids. It's Ash's favorite way to gain control over her mood and something Carissa has done for years, you'll see when you join us!  

πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ FAQ πŸ™‹πŸ½‍♀️

➑️ I’m busy AF, how much time will this take each month? 

However much time you have available. 4 videos will be dropped at once the 1st of the month around that month's topic. Once you learn the concepts and action based strategies, you plug and play them into your customized plan; as part of your day which requires very little dedicated time. It's up to you how you want to go through them. The only "time consuming" part is the monthly Deep Dive Live calls if you join; as those will run 60ish minutes on a set date and time that varies month to month.

➑️ Do you offer a monthly and yearly payment option and how much is it? 

You know it! Once you click to enroll, you’ll see both the annual payment option [where you get 4 months free!!] as well as the monthly payment option! 

psssst--*Since this membership is new, you'll get in at our founding member's price and be grandfathered in at that price, FOREVER as long as you stay a member. As we add more and more value, our pricing will increase, but not for you. So get in now, while it's the lowest cost it will ever be- literally!

➑️ Will this membership help me lose weight? 

Our focus is not weight loss nor do we offer any kind of restrictive diet, workout protocol or weight loss system within the membership. However, weight loss can definitely be a positive side effect we see often when the right habits are developed are adopted.  Our primary focus is to help you help yourself gain control over your mental, physical and emotional health to thrive in mom life and feel whole in every area. 

 βž‘️ Can you guarantee specific results each month? 

Carissa and Ash strategically drop a chapter of the Mama Life Manual each month that they know first hand moms struggle with or lack full control over. The strategies for that topic are rolled out in a simple, easy and fun way that nurtures them into subconscious habits.

They live and breathe their work and firmly stand behind their teachings, techniques, methods, and action. They have helped hundreds of moms in person and 1:1 regain full control over their busy mom lives while creating and sustaining life changing results. This includes but is not limited to: Their mindset, body & image, emotional regulation, control over food and exercise, weight loss, confidence, energy, communication/ relationships with themselves, their kids and spouse, their body function, decreasing chronic pain, building strength, and optimizing overall health as a whole.

However, they have no idea what you're doing behind the scenes. Therefore, out of integrity they cannot guarantee specific results in a generalized way each month; however YOU are in control and they trust and believe in you using the proven and tested tools you have to get yourself results each month! 

➑️ What can I expect from this membership?

A mom life manual filled with love, laughter, fun, a new view on mom life and Transformation in your mind, body and emotional health.

You'll develop new timeless skill sets, strategies and habits around a specific mom topic that change your outlook, ability, action and belief system to support you in creating real lasting change.  

Mom life can be overwhelming for a majority of us. The information on how to tackle it is different from website to website, and varies from mom to mom. Likewise, nothing is geared toward the unpredictable, busy, chaotic, lives we live. That's why we wrote the unofficial mom life manual and are sharing a chapter with you each month to master. 

 We've said this before, but it's worth repeating..

NO TWO MOMS ARE ALIKE. Therefore, no program will work for everyone. This isn't just another "get healthy or self help membership" throwing time consuming meditations, pre scheduled 6-12 week protocols designed for the masses [and short term results]

We teach you the foundational skills you need tactfully and intentionally  broken down month by month to rid overwhelm while creating massive change in your life.

You'll learn how to problem solve, overcome, adapt and view things differently mentally, physically and emotionally. This is a fresh new lens in which to view mom life; one that you've probably never experienced before, because it's never been made or taught in this way before which is why we're SO PUMPED!! 

Don't just take our word for it.. 

Come find out for yourself inside the membership! 

⬇️ ⬇️ β¬‡οΈ